Turnitin is a widely used plagiarism detection tool that helps educators and students maintain academic integrity. However, Turnitin has recently launched a new feature that can detect AI writing generated by tools such as ChatGPT. This means that students who use ChatGPT or other AI writing tools to write their assignments may face serious consequences if they are caught by Turnitin.

So, how can students avoid AI writing detection by Turnitin? Here are some tips:

  • Use AI writing tools responsibly and ethically. AI writing tools can be useful for generating ideas, brainstorming, or overcoming writer’s block, but they should not replace your own critical thinking and writing skills. You should always write your own original content and cite your sources properly.
  • Review and edit the AI-generated text carefully. AI writing tools are not perfect and may produce errors, inconsistencies, or irrelevant content. You should always check the AI-generated text for grammar, spelling, punctuation, coherence, logic, and accuracy. You should also compare the AI-generated text with your own voice and style and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Paraphrase or summarize the AI-generated text in your own words. If you use AI writing tools to generate some text that you want to include in your assignment, you should not copy and paste it directly. You should paraphrase or summarize the text in your own words and give credit to the original source. This will help you avoid plagiarism and improve your writing skills.
  • Use a different AI writing tool than ChatGPT. Turnitin’s AI writing detection feature is designed to identify text that might be prepared by ChatGPT or other generative AI tools. However, there are other types of AI writing tools that may not be detected by Turnitin, such as paraphrasing tools, summarizing tools, or rewriting tools. You can use these tools to modify the AI-generated text or your own text and make it more original and unique.
  • Use a plagiarism checker before submitting your assignment. Before you submit your assignment to Turnitin, you should use a plagiarism checker to scan your document for any possible similarities with other sources. This will help you identify any potential issues and fix them before Turnitin does. You can use free online plagiarism checkers or paid ones that offer more features and accuracy.


By following these tips, you can avoid AI writing detection by Turnitin and ensure that your assignment is original and authentic. However, remember that using AI writing tools is not a substitute for learning and improving your own writing skills. You should always strive to write your own content and express your own ideas in a clear and effective way.