Experience the groundbreaking introduction of the first-ever production AI system capable of effortlessly converting complex 2D images into breathtaking 3D models. For decades, the challenge of extracting depth and capturing multiple angles from a single image has stumped innovators. However, this cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the process, enabling anyone to create captivating 3D content without requiring extensive skills or expensive software.

Unleashing a New Era for Gaming, Robotics, and Beyond

The implications of transforming images into game-engine ready 3D assets are monumental, extending far beyond the realms of gaming. This remarkable innovation has the power to reshape industries such as robotics, mixed reality, VFX, and e-commerce. Embrace a world of endless possibilities, where individuals with a creative spark can bring their wildest imaginations to life.

Bridging the Gap Between Imagination and Reality

Envision a striking object—a unique piece of furniture or an extraordinary creature—born from the depths of the mind. Visualize it, perhaps even sketch it out, and witness its transformation. Utilize cutting-edge tools like Midjourney, stable diffusion, or Dall-E to effortlessly translate concepts into tangible images. With the harmonious collaboration of these state-of-the-art tools and an advanced AI system, the chasm between imagination and reality is bridged, breathing life into intricate 3D models.

Experience the Magic Now!

Are you eager to witness this mesmerizing transformation firsthand? Delve into a public showcase, where a curated collection of assets, generated using a Discord bot, awaits exploration. Take an active role by joining a dynamic Discord channel, empowering you to unleash creativity and craft your own assets. While efforts to expand compute capacity are in full swing, securing a spot is as simple as adding yourself to a waitlist.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Images for 3D Modeling

Harnessing the wealth of stylistic details and information retention found in images, the primary focus lies in converting images into stunning 3D models. This intuitive approach seamlessly aligns with the existing workflows of concept artists in real-world 3D content production. Furthermore, the process of creating images from text using AI models has become effortlessly achievable, streamlining the entire creative journey.

Beyond Gaming: A Versatile Approach for Diverse Applications

While gaming applications take the center stage, the revolutionary approach extends far beyond a single domain. The versatility of the AI system enables scalability and adaptation to a multitude of long-tail applications. Surpassing the performance of existing systems, the model delivers exceptional results across a wide spectrum of objects and characters. When compared to the latest Shape-E model from openAI, the system showcases remarkable advancements that continue to evolve with each passing day. Empowering artists, these AI-generated models serve as ideal 3D blockouts for production-ready assets or as direct outputs for their projects.

A Constant Drive for Progress

An unwavering commitment to progress fuels the development of foundation AI models and the continual refinement of the process. Addressing the inherent challenges faced by 3D generative models, particularly in transforming text into accurate 3D representations, the solution effectively mitigates unintended hallucinations. Through the expansion of compute capacity, the accumulation of extensive data sets, and invaluable feedback loops, the boundaries of what is possible are pushed, propelling innovation to new heights.

Image to 3D model

Embark on an Extraordinary Journey

Unlock the realm of unlimited creativity as the transformative power of the revolutionary AI system is witnessed. Convert imagination into reality, breathing life into mesmerizing 3D models that leave a lasting impact. Embrace the possibilities that await as an extraordinary journey into the realm of 3D exploration begins.